TWAco LLC in St. Louis, MO provides affordable solutions to residential and commercial properties with leaky foundations or cracked concrete, water damage and other issues that a wet or damp basement may cause.

Our services will provide you with the safe usage of your basement, better air quality in your home and peace of mind that the air quality in your home is up to par.

These methods along with our unique process of closed cell injections are very effective and efficient in repairing cracks permanently. Whether you are experiencing damage to a wall or slab, we can remedy the issue with a proven solution at a price that will fit into your budget!

If your foundation is cracked or leaking, we will fix it using our proven, cost-effective methods, unique to TWAco. LLC in St. Louis, MO. Our mission is to utilize the  advancement in the development of closed cell urethane injectable foams. This allows us to provide you with a custom designed, closed cell urethane injection mixture, which is an affordable, cost effective, method and is and engineered specifically for each separate problem.  THIS IS OUR STANDARD.


Advancements in the development of hydrophilic and hydrophobic closed-cell injectable foams allow cracks to be repaired permanently from inside the home. 

We have implemented a few relatively new procedures, including urethane closed-cell foam injections, two-part epoxy and carbon fiber applications.

In addition, we install carbon fiber fabric with a fast-curing polymer resin and hardener that cures at a tensile strength which is actually stronger than steel. We will restore the integrity and strength back into your structurally compromised, poured or block  foundation walls.

We utilize a multitude of adapters, valves and fittings, which promote a higher level of cleanliness, efficiency and an overall job performance which are the three very principles we have built our company on, and  the main reason "bigger-more-established" waterproofing companies are currently sub-contracting all of their closed cell injection and carbon fiber work to the Waterproof Advantage.

So What are you WAITING FOR?  Go on....GET!  the Waterproof Advantage.

Our First Employee

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Job site Safety

All of our mechanics are knowledgeable, skilled, and SAFE.  We always have and wear the proper Personal Protection